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The homeowner can obtain good advice on the best roofing materials to use. A Roswell roof contractor will give a free estimate of cost based on experience. He will be licensed to do the work.

Installing a new roof or even doing repairs is not something that needs to be done often. It can be a sizable expense. It should be a style and color that you will not tire of seeing.

A professional roofer will show the homeowner what types of materials are available and in what colors. Give some serious thought to your final decision. The type of home should help determine the color and style that will be best.

Flat, rubber roofs are not appropriate in a climate that has winter weather. This is due to heavy snowfalls placing too much pressure on that type. The homeowner can avoid it caving in by going up and sweeping the snow off.

Prior to signing a contract, the property owner should ascertain the length of time the work will take. He will also want to know if there will be a tear-off of the old shingles. A disreputable contractor may put new shingles on top of the worn ones.

Although a second layer is sometimes acceptable, a third layer should never be added. All details of the work, including cleaning up any mess after the tear-off, must be written into the contract. All debris should be removed from the property before the job is considered complete.

A professional will be aware of zoning and code ordinances in the area. He will apply for and obtain any permits. Doing the work without the proper permits can create a difficult situation at some later time.

He will carry the mandatory liability insurance. The homeowner is entitled to request to see proof of insurance. It should cover any medical bills and property damage that results from the roofing project.

There is a wide range of roofing materials that can be chosen, from wood shingles to ceramic tiles. A slate roof is expensive and can last for up to 400 years. A less costly one is the asphalt shingle with a durability of a shorter duration.

There are rubber shingles, often made from recycled tires. Metal shakes or shingles are good to use on roofs that are steep. Copper is a special roofing material used with certain architectural styles of homes.

The materials with the higher price tags are usually the most durable. Since the roof will not be replaced for decades, great consideration should be taken in selecting a pleasing color. Often a homeowner will only replace it once in his lifetime.

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