Building a Cedar Shake Roof

Mr. Roofer specializes in building Cedar Shake Roofs.

Cedar Shakes Roofs not only provide exceptional beauty to your home but they protect it far better than the ever-popular asphalt shingle. But cedar shakes roofs are more than just beautiful, Cedar Shakes Roofs provide:

While different factors go into determining the lifespan of your, such as grade and quality of the wood as well as your climate and exposure of natural elements like salt water or extended sunlight, you can expect your cedar shakes roof to last anywhere between 30-50 years with proper maintenance.

Storm Resistance.
Cedar Shakes shingles have been tested against asphalt shingles and the results are outstanding! In an uplift test the cedar shakes shingles withstood 180 PSF (pounds per square foot) while an asphalt shingle only withstood 90 PSF. Another report published by a Florida Registered Professional Engineer report results where cedar shakes shingles withstood winds of 245 MPH in comparison to the asphalts results of 173 MPH . Cedar shakes and shingles have proven to be a highly impact-resistant roof covering. Cedar shakes are more resistant to hail than an asphalt roof.

Energy Efficiency.
According to the USDA, wood has 8 times the thermal resistance of concrete, 413 times the thermal resistance of steel and a whopping 2000 times the thermal resistance of aluminum. As a result of this inherent high thermal resistance quality, wood roofing help to reduce the amount of energy and the amount of money necessary to heat and cool your home.

Cedar Shake roofs give your home a unique natural glow. The variation in the color of the cedar shingle brings a beauty to your roof that only nature can provide. Many high-end Atlanta homes have gorgeous Cedar Shake roofs. Cedar shingles are also an environmentally friendly renewable resource.

Repairing Your Cedar Shake Roof

We provide the services needed to help keep your Cedar Shake roofs beautiful and strong.

Cracking or Splitting.
Cedar Shingles can have natural cracks or splits that occur naturally overtime. This is a result of the wood expanding and contracting over time from moisture and ensuing drying. But if your split has sharp edges and the interior color is light orange, it needs repair. These types of splits are caused by impact, probably due to hail.Another time to call Mr. Roofer is when the crack or split gets larger.

Curling or Cupping.
Cedar Shakes Shingles will have a natural curl/cupping upward, it is a part of the natural weathering and aging process. When to call your roofer is when the curling/cupping is so severe that you can see the roofing felt. If curling or cupping happens right after the installation of a cedar shakes roof it is a sign of a poor installation. That is why it is imperative to hire an experienced cedar shakes roofer, like Mr. Roofer.

Also called bottom edge rot, occurs when microorganisms, like moss, lichen or algae that was left untreated. The shingle has been compromised and needs to be replaced. Call Mr. Roofer today!

If any of these types of repairs need to be done, call Mr. Roofer. We know it can be tempting to replace an individual cedar shake shingle, but doing so will void your roofing warranty. Cedar Shakes roofing require special skills and care during installation. Whether it is a whole new roof or replacing just a couple of shingles, you need a certified cedar shakes roofing company, like Mr. Roofer.