Our Premium Roofing System comes with a 25 Year Labor Warranty.

Two years after your new roof has been installed, contact Mr. Roofer for a roof inspection where we will do a second point-by-point inspection to verify that your new roof is still perfect. For the next 25 years, your Premium Roof is under a full warranty against leaks caused any Mr. Roofer’s installation errors. Mr. Roofer will provide you with a detailed labor warranty before your roof is installed.

Experience Peace of Mind with Our Extended Warranty

We have the most extensive labor warranty in the Atlanta area roofing industry. Most roofers only offer 2, 5, or 10 years.

Please note that our Economic Roofing System, which uses nailing guns rather than hand-nailing, comes with a 10 year labor warranty. While our Economic Roofing System is a great value and a quality roof, we are able to provide a longer warranty on our hand-nailed roofs.

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