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CeDUR Synthetic Roofing Products are the most realistic synthetic roofing shakes ever made. A CeDUR synthetic roof combines the desirable cedar shake look with the latest in design and technology. Our polyurethane based synthetic roofing products perfectly replicate the wood look of heavy hand split natural cedar shakes. CeDUR synthetic shakes are fire-resistant, light weight, durable, and provide property owners with peace of mind and long-term value. A CeDUR synthetic roof gives any home classic wood beauty without the constant maintenance and headaches inherent in real wood shakes or alternative roofing materials

Authentic Wood Look. Extreme Fire Resistance. Lasting Performance.

For years the roofing industry has been trying to create synthetic composite roofing materials that have the authentic natural wood appearance and are low maintenance, fire rated, impact resistant, and long lasting. Until now, no replacement roofing products have been able to match the authentic wood appearance of hand split natural cedar shakes. Other roofing products simply do not have the depth, texture, dimension, and color variations of a natural cedar shake roof. Even other synthetic roofing products composed primarily of polyethylene can provide an unnatural and shiny appearance. The proprietary polyurethane technology that CeDUR developed provides homeowners and industry professionals with the most natural wood shake looking synthetic roofing product available.

Our state-of-the-art polyurethane manufacturing process allows us to mold each individual CeDUR shake from hand split natural cedar wood shakes. This gives CeDUR unquestionable wood shake beauty while enhancing your home’s curb appeal and property value. CeDUR Synthetic Shakes are light weight (just 170 pounds per square), feature a 3/4” inch butt end, and perfectly replicate the appearance of heavy hand split natural cedar shakes. A CeDUR synthetic roof provides authentic wood depth, dimension, thickness, and texture while meeting and exceeding the roofing industries most stringent testing standards.

Product descriptions:

Live Oak:

Live Oak is reminiscent of a brand new traditional hand split cedar shake. It features a fresh cut shake appearance and provides stunning wood beauty and warm wood tones while complimenting darker tones very well, including tan, brown, dark grey and brick.


Walden gives any property an authentic wood shake look and compliments most architectural styles and color schemes. Walden is reminiscent of a 10-15 year old wood shake and Walden is darker in appearance when compared to Live Oak.


Shiloh provides a breathtaking dark wood shake look. Shiloh captures the authentic wood appearance of aged cedar shake that has endured a bit of natural sea moisture. Shiloh roofs compliment modern and contemporary structures, and lighter color tones like whites, light grays, and blues.

Golden Cedar:      

Golden Cedar is our Cool Roof Rated and Title 24 Compliant synthetic roofing product for Southern California residents. Golden Cedar is similar in color to CeDUR Live Oak with less hints of honey brown and more hints of gold and yellow.  Golden Cedar is a Cool Roof Rated Product, making it perfect for use in California and Los Angeles County. A Cool Roof is one that strongly reflects sunlight and cools itself by efficiently emitting UV light back to its surroundings.

If you’re looking to elevate your home with the timeless charm of cedar shakes without the hassle of constant maintenance, Mr. Roofer invites you to consider CeDUR Synthetic Roofing Products. With their unparalleled realism, extreme fire resistance, and lasting performance, CeDUR shakes stand as the pinnacle of synthetic roofing innovation. Give us a call today to discuss your composite roofing needs and schedule your installation. Experience the beauty of natural wood with the peace of mind that comes from superior durability and longevity. Make the smart choice for your home – choose CeDUR and transform your roof into a masterpiece that lasts a lifetime.

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