Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is an Association of Zoos and also Aquariums certified zoological park in Atlanta, Georgia. The present President as well as chief executive officer of Zoo Atlanta is Raymond B. King. The Atlanta zoo experienced disregard and by 1984, was rated among the ten worst zoos in the USA. Methodical reform by 2000 put it on the checklist of the ten finest.

Zoo Atlanta safeguards wildlife as well as wild locations worldwide.
Zoo Atlanta is straight involved in area conservation programs for wild animals and wild locations around the globe, including work in Africa, Asia, Central, and also South America, and also right here in Georgia. Our contributions vary from money for various other recognized conservation companies who share our mission, allowing a better total impact in the field than might be achievable by a solitary company, to jobs in which our own staff directly participates in fieldwork, neighborhood outreach programs, research, as well as education and learning programs on continents around the world.


Find out more concerning Zoo Atlanta’s commitment to conserving species.
The worldwide decrease of varieties and also their environments makes it clear that we need a multifaceted technique to preservation. Zoos are an essential part of this technique, with a responsibility to be a force that drives activity


Discover exactly how you can take personal action and also encourage others to inspire change for wild animals.
Zoo Atlanta provides lots of unique as well as diverse ways to take action in aiding our regional area and around the world community. One person can make a distinction.


Aiding types around the globe.
Our mission to preserve wild animals takes us all over the world, where Zoo Atlanta personnel and also partners are active in area preservation programs and also collaborations. Jobs include operating in Africa, Asia, Central, as well as South America, and also our own yards below in Georgia.


Be a preservationist– from your own living room!
Zoo Atlanta is proud to be the U.S. partner of the worldwide launch of Wildeverse, a NEW free mobile game that changes your home into the jungle with Augmented Reality. Learn what it requires a wildlife researcher as you track actual apes living in the wild in the rainforests of Borneo and the Congo.

A brand-new cost-free mobile game that changes your residence right into the forest with Increased Fact. Learn what it takes to be a wild animals scientist as you track actual apes staying in the wild in the rain forests of Borneo and the Congo.

Stray through a life-sized forest and encounter wild apes all from your living room! The game is cost-free and also available to any person with a smart device.
Join a team of wild animals scientists as well as help them gather the data required to safeguard the last wild spaces on Earth and the apes that call them home.
Meet Fio the orangutan, Buka the gorilla, Chilli the gibbon, and also Aida the primate– genuine apes staying in the wild.
Gather food traces, footprints, and more.
Take and also share photos of your loved ones in the online forest

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