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Welcome back, everyone! Brad here, aka Mr. Roofer, and today I want to share an exciting project we’re working on. We’re tackling a house that was built back in the fifties, and we’ve encountered a range of issues with its roofing. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through our solution and explain why we’re opting for a specific approach to address these problems effectively. So, let’s dive right in!
One of the major issues we’ve faced with this particular house is the presence of gaps and cracks in the existing roof decking. As you can see in the video, there are noticeable gaps in certain areas. These gaps not only compromise the roof’s integrity but also pose potential entry points for water and pests. Moreover, the unevenness of the roof decking can make it challenging to install roofing materials evenly, affecting the overall quality and lifespan of the roof.
If you’re experiencing similar problems with your roof, consider giving us a call to assess the condition of your decking and explore potential solutions.


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