Residential TPO Flat Roof Repair Part 2 | Mr Roofer of Atlanta

Mr. Roofer is back at it again, this time finishing up some flat work on a residential roof. Mr. Roofer explains that while TPO is a lot harder to work with on residential roofs than on commercial flat roofs, he’s happy with how this particular repair is turning out. Mr. Roofer also points out that this section isn’t the only repair they’ve done – they’ve replaced an entire section of the roof. Mr. Roofer ends the video by saying that he’ll make another post soon to give viewers an update on the progress of the roof repair. Keep an eye out for Mr. Roofer’s next post!

Hey guys, Brad out here of Mr. Roofer. Finishing up on some of this flat work that we’re doing, just got done another roof in this section and doing this chimney here. TPO on residential work is a lot harder than it is on actual flat commercial buildings because of things like that. But overall, I’m, I’m really happy with the way this is turning out. We’ve done a lot of, uh, repairs like this, this particular section you wanted to do repairs on this section right here. We completely replaced. And, uh, just wanted to kind of give you a, a look around to see and, uh, we’ll make another post soon.

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