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Hi folks, we’re up here on a flat roof. This is a TPO material for commercial buildings typically, but we also use it on flat roofs as well. Let me turn the camera around here and kind of give you a scan of what’s going on right now. It’s kind of messy, cause we’ve been up here working and redoing these edges for the homeowner right now. He’s just trying to get by and do some repairs and then save up his budget for a later time because of the price of insulation board and materials for flat right now is pretty exorbitant because of supply and demand. But we believe it’s going settle down here in the next six months to a year. You can see what it looks like down here, where it holds water. Again, we did not do this job initially.

You know, the homeowner just called us in a kind of a rescue situation just to fix what he has, for now, do some repairs. And then at a later date, he can have us come back in and, you know, just replace the whole thing. Again, this is Brad with Mr. Roofer. We happen to specialize in flat roof repairs, whether it’s TPO torch down EPDM, residential, commercial, or whatever it is. Um, we’re here in the Sandy Springs Buckhead area right now on this big flat roof here. If you need any flat roofs done, whether it be repairs or replacement, 770- 9 6 6- 7 6 6 3.


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