Where is the project located?

Downtown Atlanta, in an older neighborhood on a nice street that is currently being updated by many home-owners.

What issue was the home-owner having?

This client had an old leaky roof that also needed esthetic updates. The roof, front of the house, back porch, and siding on this beautiful older home were in desperate need of remodeling.

What did Mr. Roofer do to fix these problems?

Mr. Roofer provided a new roof, back porch addition, new siding, new window frames, and new interior & exterior features. This complete home remodel drastically raised the value of the home, as well as the neighborhood. After a three-week remodel, the Grace house is a whole new place! It is fresh, clean, lively, and updated!

How we went above and beyond for our client.

Mr. Roofer loves remodels! We are creative thinkers who can always get you the best remodel at the best value. We spent hours of discovery, planning, and meeting with the client to make a remodeling plan that provided the most bang for the buck. Our team kept the grounds clean, and worked quietly & efficiently. The neighbors were nothing but pleased to have a home on their block restored and beautiful!

Client testimonial:

“Mr. Roofer and his team were great! They worked quickly, paid special attention to every detail, talked to me about every decision. My house looks AMAZING! I recommend Mr. Roofer to everyone, no matter how large or small the project!”

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